SIGGRAPH 2009 Papers Unveiled

SIGGRAPH 2009 accepted papers are coming out. Totally 78 papers out of 439 submissions are accepted (acceptance rate: ~18%). Congratulations to the authors. Many researchers can not stand waiting long time to post their works online. Thanks to Ke-Sen Huang, he maintains a very nice website of accepted papers.

There are several interesting observations:


1.      Computer vision and image processing related papers are a big trunk of the premium graphics conference (~1/3) as usual. This shows the trend of the convergence of computer vision and computer graphics, due to extensive applications in image/video editing, computational photography, media retargeting, virtual reality, visual search, and capture from reality.

2.      Adobe Advanced Technology Labs is the big winner (17 out of 78 accepted papers coming from Adobe researchers (~22%).) Its recent aggressive recruiting of top talents is paid off. In contrast, the winner in previous SIGGRAPH, Microsoft research (18 papers in 2008) has only 7 papers, and Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (MERL) has only 1 paper. The recent turmoil in MERL (1, 2) may explain the reason. It caused the leave of many computer graphics researchers for MIT or Adobe. Another interesting observation is that Harry Shum has only one paper this year. This paper is on visual search. This may be due to his recent transition to a senior management position (a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, leading the Core Search Development of Microsoft.)

3.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, 11 papers) and Columbia University (9 papers) take their leading position in university research. This year there is increasing number of papers from Israel (Tel-Aviv University has 4, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem has 3). The statistics of other strong groups in the field:

  • Princeton University, Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), University of California at Berkeley – 6 papers
  • University of Southern California, Stanford University – 4 papers
  • California Institute of Technology (CIT) – 3 papers
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), University of Washington – 2 papers
Stay tuned. I will review some of the interesting works in SIGGRAPH 2009 in later posts.

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