Camera-Assisted Digital Painting with Virtual Brushes

These two pictures were taken on the roadside of the Strip Street in Las Vegas from my recent trip. The first picture was painted with less than 10 minutes by the artist in the second picture. Very impressive! 

Could computer vision technology be used for creating digital arts? 

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Image Search by Image Similarity by Google

Congratulations to the Computer Vision Team at Google Labs! Google finally releases image search based on image similarities. 

Let’s review the different stages of image search:

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Video Analytics Category Award Goes To BRSLabs At ISC West 2009

Winners of the 2009 Security Industry Association New Product Showcases (NPS) were announced yesterday at ISC West 2009. The video analytics category award goes to Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS)  for AISight.

In contrast to traditional video analytics software, such as ObjectVideo , ioimage , Lenel , BRS does not need users to draw tripwire or region of interest (ROI) and define the rules. It uses a machine learning based approach to adaptively learn what behaviors or activities are "normal" in the scene, and issues alarms when finding some anomalies.  Read more »