VeinViewer: Computational Imaging Makes Needlesticks Easier

Have you experienced being poked several times for your nurse to find your vein for an IV insertion?

Blood collection from children is an extremely difficult task because of their thick skin. The VeinViewer by Luminetx® can help. The VeinViewer utilizes near infrared (NIR) imaging and image processing technologies to assist health care professionals to find veins easier. 

The following video is a brief report on VeinViewer from ABC.

The website has a description of this ground-breaking technology. 

  • Infrared light source – The light source emits a harmless, near-infrared light reflected back to the surface from the tissue surrounding the vein, while no light is reflected back from the blood inside the vessel. (Blood in the veins contains deoxygenated hemoglobin. When exposed to near infrared (NIR) light the veins’ de-oxy hemoglobin absorbs NIR while surrounding tissue reflects it. This contrast in light yields the vein image.)
  • Digital video camera – The digital video camera captures the near-infrared light reflected back from the patient.
  • Image processing unit – The microprocessor adds contrast and projects this image back on the skin in their actual location.
  • Digital image projector – Using Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™ technology, the projector displays these real-time images of the vasculature onto the surface of the skin
  • Contrast of the captured infrared images is enhanced before projection (e.g. using histogram equalization). The projection back to skin using TI DLP needs camera-projector calibration

    The vein imaging technology has also been used to hand vein based biometrics by Luminetx®, called SnowFlake Technologies. The idea of using palm vein for biometrics is not new. Fujitsu developed palm vein based biometrics several years ago. Vein pattern recognition is an alternative way to popular fingerprint and face biometrics.


    (pictures courtesy of Luminetx®)

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    • By Mr.Kampon Rooppradit, July 18, 2012 @ 6:35 am

      Dear Sir

      We are KG Tech Ltd.,Part. We interest Palm Secure Technology.
      1. How much for Infrared Camera 1 set?
      2. Do U have SDK ?
      3. Do U have sample application?

      I’ll use this technology for access control.


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