Video Analytics Driven Video Advertising by Digitalsmiths

Digitalsmiths is an intelligent video advertising start-up driven by visual and speech analysis of video content. It is different from ZuraVision, which embeds visual advertisements into videos. Digitalsmiths serves as an information extraction procedure by video content analysis. The extracted information is called “metadata”. How the metadata is used for ads dispatch and how the ads are embedded into videos are the tasks of video publishers. 

According to Digitalsmiths, their technology:

  • Indexes video with an unprecedented sense of context, nuance and intelligence
  • Generates powerful metadata based on visual, audio, text and speech recognition
  • Gives video publishers the ability to search, retrieve, publish and monetize content 

Therefore, Digitalsmiths’ business model is to license its technology to help video publishers intelligently extract information from videos and dispatch advertisements accordingly. These publishers include celebrity site, TMZ; media site, Warner Brothers; and magazine cite, Essence

Here is an example of searching Essence video website,

The video clips tagged with “fashion” are returned. 

A recent interview by ReelSEO with Digitalsmiths’ CEO and Co-Founder, Ben Weinberger, reveals more details of the technologies. The computer vision technologies they employed include facial recognition, scene identification and scene classification, object analysis, and even materials analysis. The speech analysis technologies include speech-to-text analysis and speech context analysis by applying natural language processing to extract speech topics.

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