FashionLatte: Visual Search Engine for Clothes

FashionLatte is still brewing. FashionLatte is a clothes search engine based on images. It is “a one-stop shop for your daily cup of fashion”. The Co-Founders are three brilliant Ph.D. candidates from Computer Vision and Robotics Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, i.e., Sanketh, Bernard, and Esther (that is how the company name SanBernest Inc. comes from). 


FashionLatte allows users to search dresses by color, pattern and cut using visual information. It can also match dresses to both shoes and handbags to create outfits. Their current business mode is on B2B (Business-to-Business) licensing with online apparel catalogs, and developing a browser plug-in to earn click-through revenue, according to a recent report. FashionLatte team won the first place in the annual Innovation Teams Business Plan Competition sponsored by the UI’s Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

We discussed the visual search technologies and companies in previous posts, such as like.comGazoPa, TinEye. FashionLatte is not online yet, and we look forward to experiencing such a wonderful technology soon.

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