Pictures about Bush You Haven’t Seen in Public

Celebrity such as George W. Bush always shows smiling face and confident spirit to the public. Are you curious about what he looks like when he is angry or frustrated, or his mask when he attends friends’ Halloween parties?

Here is a collection of Bush’s faces you have no chance to see in public, with different facial expressions, facial makeovers, tattoos, funny expressions, and change of ethnicity, age, attractiveness and even gender. 

  These pictures are generated though an online face image processing website, Moonjee (Sorry, former president Bush). Its flagship solution, Make a Face, provides an easy way to upload portraits, transform facial features, blend and analyze faces and share creations with friends. The user interface is very similar to that of, which we introduced as a virtual makeover website in a previous post. Besides virtual facial makeover, Moonjee focuses on entertainment by generating funny facial expressions. In addition, an iPhone application of face morphing, Face Molder, is available. 

New facial expressions are generated using image warping/morphing techniques based on user-manipulated facial feature points. The results are impressive, though we can still see some artifacts when adding tattoo effects, and performing young/old transformation. The other problem Bala Swamy (Founder & CEO of Moonjee) needs to solve is a new business model besides publishing Google ads. Nevertheless, it is still a very cool Internet Vision application.

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