Real-Time Panorama Shooting Using Cell Phone Camera

Take a short video clip by panning your cell phone camera through a scene, the embedded algorithm wil automatically generate a panoramic picture for you instantly. This is a new cell phone photography feature in Sharp cell phones (e.g. SH9020C model).

This feature is called “VIVID Panorama” co-developed by Acrodea, Inc. and Morpho, Inc., Japan. In contrast to previous panoramic functions, such as iPhone applications, PanaLab and TripStitch, which stitch multiple still images into a panoramic photo, VIVID Panorama directly uses captured video clip to generate a panoramic picture, making it easy-to-use. It is fully automated and in real time.  

The following figure taken from Acrodea, Inc. illustrates how VIVID Panorama actually works.

The original algorithm of VIVID Panorama was developed by Morpho, Inc. which also develops various other innovative computer vision and image processing algorithms for cameras. For example, their PhotoSolid® is a product for reducing the blur caused by hand jitter thus enhancing the image quality of digital cameras. Unlike iPhone low lighting imaging applications, such as “Night Camera” and “SteadyCam“, which leverage the built-in accelerometer in iPhone for motion detection, PhotoSolid exploits purely image-based motion detection (maybe by Optical flow), i.e., it requires neither build-in accelerometer nor lens/CCD adjustors. Impressive results were presented in their website. Here is one example before and after still image stabilizer. 

We look forward to seeing PhotoSolid’s integration into digital cameras and cell phones soon.

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