Adobe and Microsoft Competing on Next Generation Home Video Editing

Video editing for special visual effects will no longer be the privileges of video professionals. Recently, Adobe Research and Microsoft Research released their own advanced video editing features. Computer vision technologies have been extensively exploited in the two works. 

As more and more people have digital camcorders at home, easy-to-use “Videoshop” is expected to become a useful tool, as people rely on Adobe Photoshop for editing photos nowadays. Home video editing software has a huge potential market that Adobe and Microsoft are targeting.

Let’s first look at Adobe’s interactive video editing technology,

Adobe: Interactive Video Object Manipulation

and Microsoft Research’s similar video editing tools, called “Upwrap Masaics”.

Microsoft Research: Unwrap Mosaics

For these two works, similar techniques are used as we described in a previous post, Embed Visual Ads into Videos. Take Microsoft’s work as an example, illustrated in the following figures. The foreground and background objects are first segmented out. Foreground and background objects are tracked for some period. Each object is then converted to an “unwrap mosaic” without 3D reconstruction. Finally the objects are edited, e.g., by adding virtual make-up (eyebrows, moustache, and rouge on the cheeks to the actor, as if to a texture map on a deformable 3D surface. Please refer to a recently published SIGGRAPH 2008 paper for more details, Unwrap Mosaics: A new representation for video editing.

These two works are still in the research stage. In order to make it practical, the speed and the robustness of the algorithm need to be further improved. Are you looking forward to trying them?

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