Embed Visual Ads into Videos

ZuraVision is a website on embedding pictures or videos into a video using the computer vision technology developed by Stanford students. 

One immediate application of ZuraVision is to embed visual advertisements into the video. As Google AdSense do for text advertisement, ZuraVision may bring you new opportunities to monetize your video (e.g., on YouTube) in the near future.

The image on the left was cropped from a video embedded with our “VisionWang” logo, giving a realistic perspective.  

First let’s watch a brief video on how it works.


What is the technology behind this cool stuff?

The technology was originated from the group’s work on 3D structure estimation based on a single image, and was then extended for video. From our point of view, it consists of the following four steps:

  1. Depth estimation: The details can be found from a recent paper: Make3D: Learning 3D Scene Structure from a Single Still Image by Ashutosh Saxena, Min Sun and Andrew Y. Ng, published by IEEE PAMI 2008. By doing so, the foreground and background objects can be separated. 
  2. Rectangular shape estimation and tracking: Based on user input of four corner points, the algorithm will estimate the perspective/view of the 3D surface. The 3D surface is then tracked across frames of the video. 
  3. Image warping: The image/video you want to embed will then be mapped to the estimate 3D surface. 
  4. Video re-rendering: Based on the occlusion relationship of the foreground and background objects, a new video is synthesized. To make it more realistic, the color, texture and lighting of the new image are subtly altered to blend in with the surroundings. 

The processing speed for the algorithm, however, is slow. It took several minutes to process the following 2-second video:


In spite of the speed, it is still a brilliant idea for video advertisement by fusing computer vision (3D model estimation) and computer graphics (image/video synthesis) technologies. We envision there will be many potential applications for this technology in the near future, such as, video advertisement, virtual shopping, home video editing, and so on.

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