Future iPhone Applications on Image Recognition

What are the future iPhone applications on computer vision?  Mac Funamizu, a graphic designer, came up with a set of new concept of using computer vision and image recognition techniques for Future Mobile Search. This is a perfect add-in to our previous post: Mobile Vision: iPhone Apps Employ Computer Vision and Image Processing Techs.

The future mobile search exploits advanced human computer interaction using build-in camera, fingers and touch screen, powerful capabilities of google search and google map, and the cutting-edge technologies in computer vision and image recognition, and brings engineers great inspiration and opportunities as well. 


There are seven parts for this design. We here extract one figure from each part. Readers are encouraged to read the original posts. 

Part1:”Future of Internet Search: Mobile version”

Part2:”Future of Mobile Internet Search: Applications”

Part3:”Look at What You Don’t See Through Glass”

Part4:”Future of Mobile Search for Diet”

Part5:”Future of Mobile Search- Search Beyond Time“

Part6:”Future of Mobile Search- Power of Visualization”

Part7:”Future of Mobile Search: Virtual Shopping”


Computer vision and image recognition technologies are the bottleneck to make most of these concepts come true. We believe computer vision engineers and scientists will take this challenge to make great products of our life.

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