Best Visual Search Engines Review: (3) GazoPa

GazoPa is another image based visual serch engine (still in Beta). It is owned by Hitachi, Japan. Users can search similar images on the web based on image color, shape or faces. Similiar to, but GazoPa has interest of general objects rather than only commercial products. Different from TinEye, GazoPa does not focus on finding the same images.

Let’s first watch an overview video of GazoPa.

To test GazoPa’s image-search-by-image funcation, the same search images were used as in Best Visual Search Enginers Review: (2) The results were similar to GazoPa also allows using “keywords’ to refine your search. Unlike, GazoPa can return instant search results with your input image.

Besides the similar image search function, GazoPa also provides a simple user interface for drawing. It is very good for creative users. However, it could be designed to be more convenient. For example, there is no “undo” function. If you accidently draw a undesired line, you need to clear the whole picture and redraw again from the beginning. Using the drawing on the left, I could find one Chinese red five-star flag. However, searching in google text-based image search engine – “Chinese Flag”, I could find many more flags like this. That means either more images need to be indexed by GazoPa, or the searching algorithm is not good enough to find all the flags.

To be more creative, I drew a white house with red roof, with a curly road to a river with a bridge. What a beautiful place! Unfortunately, no image with such an impression was found.  It seems that this function needs to be enhanced in order to make it more useful to users.

Regarding to business model, it seems GazoPa has not figured out a good way to make profit yet. It’s more like’s early stage of business. I believe GazoPa eventually will converge to something like

The overall evaluation of GazoPa is as follows:

  • Search functionality:
  • Search accuracy:
  • Search speed: 
  • Database completeness:
  • Technologies:
  • Business model:

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